Yohei Fukuda learned shoemaking in Northamptonshire, the traditional home of English shoemaking, followed by a local apprenticeship and then work for several years for London firms.

After returning to Japan he founded Yohei Fukuda in Tokyo in 2008. Since its founding the workshop has grown and now has 4 additional craftsmen, each driven by the same passion for shoemaking and dedication to quality for which Yohei Fukuda shoes are known.

At Yohei Fukuda the aim is to create classically styled shoes of the highest quality that will be of value to their owners for many years. By using the
finest materials and time-tested techniques of traditional bespoke shoemaking, we hope to make shoes
of timeless elegance.

Akira Ikarashi

Akira joined Yohei Fukuda in 2011 after 5 years of bespoke shoemaking with a Tokyo firm and 2 years at shoemaking college. He is responsible for the intricate construction of the shoes that involves attaching the upper to the last and building the sole and heels.

Akihiro Fujita

Akihiro joined Yohei Fukuda in 2014. Prior to that he had 3 years experience at a shoemaking factory and 2 years at shoemaking college. He is responsible for the patterns used to create the uppers as well as preparing the leather for uppermaking.

Amane Yamaguchi

Amane joined Yohei Fukuda in 2016 after 6 years working at a shoe factory and one year of shoemaking college prior to that.He is responsible for making of the trial fitting shoes used for bespoke orders as well as the final finishing work on bespoke shoes.

Toshio Kurihara

Toshio is the newest member of the team, joining Yohei Fukuda in 2018 after 2 years study at shoemaking college and 9 years experience bespoke shoemaking and pattern making at a large Japanese firm.